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Fentanyl Safety Recommendations for First Responders


First Responder's Guide
This guidebook isnít meant to replace your training and/or your departmentís policies. This guide will help provide information and resources that might be needed for attending to a death scene. The intent is to allow a better working relationship between all agencies that will be involved in a death investigation in Ross County, Ohio.
Men (& Woman) In Black (MIB)
Men in Black is a training presentation conducted by the Ross County Coroner's Office to assist Fire & EMS, Law Enforcement and other support agencies in the expectations and procedures at a death scene. If you would like this training for you organization, please contact the Coroner's office and we will schedule a training for you.
Thank you.
Ross County
Coroner's Office
Phone: (740)775-7464
Fax: (740)775-0887
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Report Request Form
Prehospital Pronouncement of Death Form
Hospice Death Form
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Guidelines for Extended Care Facilities and Hospice Agencies
These guidlines are to assist the nursing staff when to contact the coroner immediately and when it is ok to fax a report of death form.